Friday, April 28, 2017

Face Your Fashion Fears with Dia&Co

hey y'all! so today ive partnered with Dia & Co for a post called Face your Fashion fears! Dia and Co is a style box sent to you, specifically for Plus Size. I am not plus size, though they asked me if I'd like to do this post!
Today is the day they call "Try Day Friday", so i thought I'd show you 3 looks that are a little out of my comfort zone, but I love to wear for me!

1. I loved this tank top, and the shorts that are a little bit like a skirt looked so cute together! I'm not usually wearing skirts, so these were not like what I usually wear! still, so so cute and the pair is adorable!

2. This Lilly Pulitzer top was so adorable, but with the fringe it was a little out of my comfort zone. Yet, the outfit was so cute, and with the jean shorts looked adorable together! 

3. For me, florals are not my go-to. So that's what I'm focusing on today! This shirt was so cute and fun, so I knew I had to try it! It was so fun to wear and I loved facing that fashion fear!

In the end, #1 ended up being my favorite and my "Try Day Friday" Thank you to Ashby from Dia & Co for inspiring this post!

-xoxo mira

Thursday, April 20, 2017

My trip to Texas Travel Diary; Waco, Dallas and Fort Worth

hey y'all! so today i am blogging about my Spring break trip to texas! it was so much fun and i enjoyed every moment so much! so here you go!

on thursday april 13 (my half birthday)...

we flew down to Dallas! from there it was a drive over to Klyde Warren Park to see my favorite singer, Raelynn Davis! It was an amazing show, I stood front row and it was so fun! we had some great barbecue from the food trucks around too! HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend checking out raes album on link for spotify or link for youtube
raelynnDisplaying IMG_1493.JPG

on friday april 14...

we had a great day in Fort Worth! we went to the AT & T stadium (where the Cowboys play) and it was so big and fun! Next, we headed over to In and Out burger for lunch and went to Tyler's for preppy shirts! We ended the day at the Stockyards, where we met super cute lambs and had a great time!

Displaying IMG_1565.JPGDisplaying IMG_1546.JPGDisplaying IMG_1547.JPGDisplaying IMG_1553.PNGDisplaying IMG_1568.JPG

on saturday april 15...

we explored dallas! we went to the George Bush Library and Museum, JFK Book Depository at Dealy Plaza and the Galleria Mall! We took super cute pictures outside, but unfortunately could not take any inside.

Displaying IMG_1594.JPGDisplaying IMG_1589.JPGDisplaying IMG_1585.JPG

on sunday april 16 (happy easter!)...

we woke up and had an inside the hotel egg hunt! I wore my dress and we unfortunately were not able to attend a church service. but we prayed and thanked god for what he did, and for blessing us in this life. we swam in the nice pool and then drove an hour and a half to waco! we didn't have our average Easter brunch, but we had some danishes at the Czech Stop and some good old Sonic, Ha! We walked along the Brazos river and swam again at the hotel in Waco. We also sat on the lawn at Magnolia just to take a few pictures.

Displaying IMG_1670.JPGDisplaying IMG_1610.JPG\

on monday april 17...

we had a great time at magnolia market and on Waco tours! we went to harp design co, little shop on bosque and saw a few houses that were featured on Fixer Upper.  We ate at the food trucks at Magnolia for lunch, and I LOVED Luna's juice bar! At night, We had some good Tex-Mex for dinner and ended the day with the Dr. Pepper museum!
Displaying IMG_1639.JPGDisplaying IMG_1672.JPGDisplaying IMG_1643.JPGDisplaying IMG_1618.JPG

on tuesday april 18...

we went to Spice Village for a little shopping, then headed to Dallas to the airport. We came back home that night, and we already miss Texas so much! We had such a great trip!
Displaying IMG_1668.JPGDisplaying IMG_1715.JPG

hope y'all enjoyed this post!!
xoxo, mira

Friday, March 31, 2017

GRWM // lacrosse

hey y'all! so today I'm trying something new! a get ready with me post (GRWM) since the lacrosse season has officially begun! So here's what I wear to practice, and how I get ready! 

So first, since it's semi-cold on the field, I have to layer up! First I just wear a preppy tshirt and some black sport leggings.

Then I put on my fav nike pop over! It is SO cute and keeps me warm out on the field! 
sold out// similar here

Over that, I usually wear thick socks and my cleats; also bought from the nike outlet (where i got the pop over) and they are actually from the mens section! But they are SO cute!

To top it off, I stick my hair in either a high ponytail or two braids with a pink lululemon headband!
Displaying image4.JPG
sold out// similar here

I also listen to some good music on spotify while I get ready. I've created a pump up playlist that I'll share with y'all later in a future blog post!
Displaying image3.JPG
So that concludes how I get ready for lax! Comment if you'd like more posts like this and I'll be sure to take your feedback!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

50 facts about me

hey y'all! today i've decided to talk a little bit about myself with 50 facts! I've never formally introduced myself, except in the about me section of my blog! So here it goes!

  1. I started this blog in December 2016
  2. I love everything disney, and disney world is one of my favorite places!
  3. I only listen to country music, except at the gym
  4. I love Jadelynn BrookeSimply Southern and lots of etsy shops!
  5. My favorite singers are Raelynn, Kelsea Ballerini, Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt
  6. Unicorns are basically my spirit animals
  7. I love coffee, and starbucks is my favorite place!
  8. I love target and go at least 3 times a month
  9. I love going to the gym with my friends
  10. ... and eating junk after (guilty)
  11. sushi is my favorite food
  12. i've had braces since last year
  13. I am on 2 basketball teams, and play year round
  14. I also play lacrosse 3 times a week
  15. I play volleyball in the winter, too
  16. I dance with my best friends
  17. I collect coffee mugs; especially from starbucks
  18. I am a straight A student
  19. I loveee going to concerts
  20. I want to be a PEDS surgeon 
  21. I am obsessed with greys anatomy
  22. Pearl earrings are my fav
  23. Moana and Lilo and Stitch are my favorite disney movies
  24. My favorite movie is The fault in our stars
  25. The fault in our stars is also my favorite book
  26. Christmas is my favorite holiday
  27. I love doing collabs on this blog!
  28. Hot pink is my fav color, but if gold counts...
  29. I love to write
  30. Snapchat is my favorite social media app
  31. I have an IPhone 6S
  32. I get way too many phone cases too often
  33. Pink VS is my fav place to get leggings
  34. My life mottos come from the song Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw
  35. Kelsea Ballerini held my hand at her concert last January
  36. Fairy lights can be found in at least 5 places in my room
  37. I also change my throw pillows all the time
  38. My favorite place to eat is Cracker Barrel
  39. Im a sucker for chick-fil-a 
  40. The peach milkshakes are my favorite
  41. I love baking, but only simple things
  42. Only a few people in my grade know about my blog
  43. But my best friend Johanna has a blog- check it out here
  44. I love Jesus
  45. I bible journal
  46. I am a republican, and Trump supporter
  47.  I am a childhood cancer advocate, my friend Bree passed away in 2015 of AML
  48. I make packages for kids like Bree
  49. I love to go to 5ks!
  50. And finally, I love blogging!
    Hope y'all enjoyed that post to learn a little bit more about me!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 tips on starting a blog!

Hey y'all! Today I'm here to give you some tips on starting a blog, and I'm going to be honest and tell you that this is my 3rd blog! Yes, I had two blogs before this that completely failed! Why? because I didn't do much research. Sure, I read tons of blogs but I had no idea on how to start one. So here are a few tips!

  1. Love your layout. If you don't love the look of your blog, you won't want to post. I purchased a layout from Designer Blogs for only $15, and the result was this. Inspiration to post, knowing that I had put a few dollars into this blog and that it was looking fabulous!
  2. Make it personal. Start off with an "about me" page. Tell your readers a little bit about yourself, so they can have a more personal connection to your blog. Blog about YOU! Travel diaries, things I'm loving and Get ready with me are SO popular!
  3. Connect. I can't stress this enough. Make a contact page! That way people can reach out to you about post ideas and maybe even ask you to rep or sponsor their company for product! You can also collab, which brings me into my next tip. 
  4. Collab. If you love a certain blogger that is around your age and want to grow your blog, reach out to them! tell them you'd like to collab and you can form a great online friendship! Collabs are so fun, and you can meet new people!
  5. Link your blog. Start an instagram page for your blog, and spread the word! If people see that you have a blog with an interesting post going up, chances are they'll click the link in your bio! It's honestly the way I get most of my viewers! 
I hope y'all enjoyed that post! If you're thinking about starting a blog, Do it! Contact me if you'd like to collab or work together and I will happily respond!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

7 experiences to enjoy- GOMO

Hey y'all! So today I've been inspired by Eventbrite for GOMO- Go out more often! They focus on experiences, not things, and have a great free online registration software to help you plan experiances with friends and family. When I heard this idea, I was thrilled to write this post! Here are 7 experiences in the upcoming Spring months, or before Winter ends! I'm SO thrilled for good weather, and Spring time! But, Winter's almost over and here are a few things you can do to wrap up the winter season, and maybe start out Spring!
  1. Go sledding! Maybe there's snow, or not; but you can always go "sledding" down hills if you'd like. Where I'm at, there's still that little bit of snow left on the ground so I'm hoping maybe one more time I can sled this winter!
  2. Go to brunch! It's so fun to go to brunch with your family or friends! I love brunch, it's a super fun and delicious way to enjoy company!
  3. Go to a concert! I love concerts and I was lucky enough to go to Miranda Lambert in Feburary and it was so fun! Concerts are my fav- and they are so fun!
  4. Go to an arcade with friends or family! When it's cold out, I love going to arcades with younger family friends! Its so much fun!
  5. Hiking! It's starting to get warmer, so you can always start to hike this Spring! Hiking is not exactly my thing, but may be something I try this Spring or Summer.
  6. Try out new places! I love taking my dog, Daisy- Belle to new places; such as new trails and parks to take her on walks! It is so fun to try new places!
  7. Go a different way! Do you and your family always go out to the same restaurant for dinner? Maybe suggest that you change it up a little and go somewhere else!
Hope y'all enjoyed this post! Thank you to Eventbrite for reaching out to me in inspiring this post!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

10 ways to worship God

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Though you may not have your one true valentine, always remember how much GOD LOVES YOU! I know it's hard to remember that sometimes, but it is true! I make sure to never forget it! I know you may be thinking "How do I incorporate God into my everyday life, when I already have a totally packed schedule?" Well, what would you say if I told you I'm giving you 10 ways to worship God that can take less than 15 minutes each day! Think- that's 15 minutes you could be spending on your phone, waiting in the Starbucks line or online shopping. I admit- I am guilty of ALL these things! But I make sure to set aside time to worship God everyday- and you can too!
  1. Pray- Praying is totally up to you- however you want to do it! we all pray differently
  2. Write- You can write prayers, a list of things you're thankful god has given you, letters to god- anything really!
  3. Draw- You can draw out verses, (I LOVE John 3:16, Matthew 5:14, Genesis 21:22 and Romans 8:18- SO MANY MORE!) 
  4. Sing- If you like to sing, you can sing out songs you hear in church (if you attend), look some up on YouTube, or even write your own
  5. Dance- you can also dance to these songs! 
  6. Bible Journal- I recently started bible journaling and I love it! You can do 1 page, or 20! Totally up to you! It's also a great way to be creative when writing! (I prefer bibles with wide margins for this reason!)
  7. Read- You can read daily devotionals, or blog posts and such, or just read the bible!
  8. Do activities on your phone- I use the Holy Bible app and love it! That way, I can read the daily bible verse and you can start plans to read devotionals, too!
  9.  Spread God's Word- You can always tell your friends about God, and how he impacts your life in so many ways. It can change their life, you know.
  10. Go to some form of church- I know this one might not work for all of your busy schedules, but I go to a Youth Group and I enjoy it so much! You can also watch YouTube videos to inspire you and it always makes me feel good too!
Hope y'all enjoyed this post! I'll hopefully be putting up a Valentine's Day Review tomorrow!