Tuesday, January 16, 2018

what I love/ why I love it

Hey y'all! Today I had a new idea for a post of what I love and why! My current favorites, and why I love them so much!

What I Love: Kip Moore's Slowheart
Why I Love It: This. Album. Is. So. Real. Kip is so down to earth and his music definitely shows it. This album has at least one song that can relate to anyone. My personal favorite is "Last Shot"

What I Love: Yeti Rambler 20 OZ in seafoam
Why I Love It: Yeti ramblers keep things the perfect temperature all day, and this seafoam color is so cute and I love it!

What I Love: This Patagonia 3/4 zip
Why I Love It: This pullover is so cute and really affordable compared to some similar. It's really comfy and can be paired with almost anything

What I Love: Retro Nike Air sneakers
Why I Love It: I am a shoe obsessor, and these might be my new favorite! These Nikes are so cute and are perfect to work out in and look cute and have a retro style!

What I Love: Redbubble Stickers
Why I Love It: These stickers are so cute and are really up to you! Mine clearly state my interests, and really brightens up anything from a computer screen to a water bottle!

Have any of y'all loved these things! Let me know!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

a spontaneous decision

after a Bama win, a caramel latte, and listening to Kip Moore's "Slowheart" on repeat, I've decided to post this!

A week ago, on Christmas break, I made a spontaneous decision to paint my room from light pink to gray. and sometimes, these in a second ideas can be the best. I'm really happy with how it came out, and figured I'd share a few pictures on here!

Right when you walk in my room, you see my bed & monogram!

My nightstand featuring my current read, Emily Ley's "Grace not Perfection". I'm loving it!

The gallery wall hanging above my keyboard and guitar

My koozie wall!!

My favorite area in my room- my record player! Highly recommend! mine is from Amazon!

So sometimes, a spontaneous decision turns out to be one of the best! 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Year's Playlist

hey y'all! today I thought I might share some of my favorite music I'm listening to right now!

Life Changes- Thomas Rhett
Buy me a Boat- Chris Janson
Out of Nowhere girl- Luke Bryan
Laying Low- Danielle Bradbery
Craig- Walker Hayes
Careless- Carly Pearce
Saved- Khalid
Delicate- Taylor Swift
Sixteen- Thomas Rhett
In Between- Kelsea Ballerini
Up Down- Morgan Wallen 
Two Hands- Kalie Shorr
Lonely Call- Raelynn
Still the Same- Sugarland
Shoe Shopping- Old Dominon
Last Shot- Kip Moore
Would you Love Me- Russel Dickerson
Dirt on my Boots- Jon Pardi

Friday, January 5, 2018

101 in 1001

hey y'all! i've seen this post on many blogs, but Mia from MBpreps inspired me to start my own list for the new year!

start date: january 5, 2018
end date: october 2, 2020

 1. read 4 books of the bible
2. bible journal too!
3. get a bible journaling set
4. set aside time to read the bible each day
5. memorize 10 bible verses
6. ... and then 20

7. run another 5k
8. Be hydrated
9. go vegan for a day
10. try going to the gym early in the morning
11. go to the gym 2 times a week for a month

Social Media
12. hit 1k on instagram (preppystylebymira)
13. start a youtube channel
14. rep for another company
15. collab with 5 more bloggers
16. host another giveaway
17. start a Pinterest for this blog
18. start a twitter for this blog
19. do something special for the 2nd anniversary of this blog
20. meet some blogger friends!

21. do a travel tips post
22. go to Nashville again
23. visit Nantucket!
24. go to a concert at the Grand Ole Opry
25. go to a concert out of state 
26. Visit 3 new states
27. Visit an island I never have
28. blog a travel diary
29. map out all of the states I've been to
30. blog about my favorite luggage
31. do a post on airport outfits
32. take a spontaneous trip

Bucket List
33. find a coffee shop to continually blog and edit at 
34. get a new blog layout
35. get a yeti cup
36. hit 1k on my personal instagram
37. meet 5 country singers i love
38. record a song
39. learn a lot more piano
40. learn a lot more guitar
41. blog each day for 2 weeks
42. start an instagram theme
43. pay for someone behind me at starbucks
44. go to 7 concerts
45. go to one of the carolinas
46. blog about my favorite music
47. complete my year in pixles in my bullet journal
48. write 175 blog posts
49. inspire someone else to start their own blog
50. get a big new piece of furniture
51. do yoga
52. here a song in concert that's changed my life
53. see La La Land
54. see a musical
55. go to floida/ disney
56. surprise a friend with an unexpected gift
57. give a random act of kindness
58. finish The Fosters on Netflix?
59. go to a convention
60. preform at the bluebird cafe in nashville
61. take a social media class
62. see taylor swift again!
63. do something major to change my room up
64. paint watercolors
65. learn calligraphy
66. do a second everyday video
67. reach 1k subscribers on a YouTube channel
68. try a new sport or activity
69. improve at lacrosse
70. go a month without netflix

71. try 8 new foods
72. get a veggie bowl at chipolte
73. create a new baking recipe
74. bake 5 different types of cookies
75. bake 5 different types of cakes
76. experiment with a new type of food

77. Improve on my math grade
78. Graduate middle school
79. Start high school
80. Take colorful notes

81. get a cute romper
82. get a sherpa popover
83. go through my closet and donate old clothes
84. sell some clothing items on poshmark 
85. get a new lilly dress
86. find a new cute store to buy clothes
87. get nice dress shoes
88.find the perfect pair of athletic shoes

89. do a giveaway
90. start a new show on netflix
91. make a playlist every month for a year
92. visit country music hall of fame again
93. go to the lilly store on newburry street
94. acomplish most of the things on the list
95. get a nice photo editng system
96. try avacado toast
97. delete a social media for 3 months
98. improve on my blog layout
99. get my braces off
100. get a patagonia
101. inspire someone to make their own 101 in 1001

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

new year 2018

Hey Y'all! Today I've decided to share some things I'm looking for in the new year, goals, highlights of 2017 and plans! 

Looking Forward 

This year, I've got lots to look forward to! 
I'm excited to...
 get my braces off in a few weeks
 go back to Nashville
 play another season of lacrosse
 see Taylor Swift in July!

Nashville, Tennesee- My Summer trip in June!


I have a few goals for the year I'm hoping to achieve by next year. Like...

 learn more guitar
 finish grey's anatomy on netflix (so silly, i know!)
 blog on a consistent schedule
 get a new blog layout
 start a youtube channel

Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, Tennesee

Highlights of 2017

being a jadelynn brooke rep
meeting some of my favorite singers; raelynn davis, kelsea ballerini, thomas rhett and charles esten
starting guitar
going to Nashville
going to Dallas
getting my dog bentley

Looking back, it sure has been a fabulous year! I can't wait to continue to blog in 2018!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

1 Year of Preppy Style- Christmas Gifts to GIVE

hey y'all! I cannot believe i started this blog 1 YEAR AGO! My first post was "Gifts to give", and today I'm showing you the same thing... 1 year later! Thank you if this is your first time reading this blog, or 30th- I appreciate you!

From room decor, to music, to makeup- this list includes makeup for anyone! I can't believe its christmas eve! Ahhhh! I'll be posting more on Tuesday- and hope y'all have a merry christmas!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas TV Shows on Netflix

hey y'all! So today I'm sharing my favorite Christmas themed episodes of shows you can watch on Netflix! Whenever I wake up on Christmas morning, I always watch some of these to get me excited!
My favorite on the list is FOR SURE the one with the holiday armadillo! I can't help but laugh when I see that armadillo costume...
I hope y'all enjoy this list and may watch some on Netflix as well as I do!